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Honestly, I don’t get it. I am the most vindictive person I have every heard of and yet it seems like people try their hardest to get on my bad side. And believe me, my bad side is very, very bad. Once you are there, you never get off. I will never forgive. Never. I will never be cool with it, or them. I won’t even pretend.

So listen up, motherfuckers, know this: I would kill you. In a heartbeat. And feel not even a twinge of remorse. You wanna piss me off? You got it. Just know, that I could torture, maim, and kill you and not lose a second of sleep over it. There are people in the world I could do serious harm to and not feel bad. I would like it. Scratch that, I would love it. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than doing so. Would I do it? Probably not. My life is too valuable to spend it in jail over these fucking scum suckers. Does this make me evil? A sociopath? No, just honest.

I feel like I need a disclaimer here. It’s not just the people I hate who make me feel so strongly. If I love you, I am fiercely, passionately loyal. I would let my own blood spill for those I care for, I would even die for some. If you do right by me, I will always do the same for you. And I do love many people. I care deeply for most everyone I know. Those of you who are my dear friends, know I cherish you. Those that I hate? Stay the fuck away from me. I don’t want to see your faces ever again. You disgust me.
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fuck this shit

oi, I will post the other one later. enjoy, sarah

1. First Time 4 Aden and 6 Nathaniel

“Why help me?” the skinwalker questioned. “I don’t even know you.”

“Help you?” he replied, dropping the officer’s body. “You’re next.”

2. Angst 7 Duck

He didn’t love her, not the way he loved Beth. She knew this, but as he took her hand, she didn’t care.

3. AU 1 James 2 Lex

“Sucks that you die.”

“And that you end up raising my kid.”


4. Threesome 3 Mercedes 6 Nathaniel 9 Nava

This was a comfort. He could look like anyone. He could make their dead lovers hold them again, if only for a moment.

5. Hurt/Comfort 5 David and 10 Chide

“I can’t. I can’t. No more,” he wept, clawing at his already blind eyes.

“Be calm,” he soothed, placing a hand on the shaking man.

6. Crack 1 James

“C’mon c’mon c’mon!” James growled, twisting the controller in his hand.


“James, it’s only a-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence.”

“Just saying.”

7. Horror 10 Chide

Flesh twisted, bones stretched, organs shifted, and the pain brought him to his knees as he screamed. What was happening to him?

8. Baby fic 5 David 9 Nava

She was heavy with child, he knew this. He could feel the child within her, innocent, full of life in a womb of death.

9. Smut 2 Beth and 8 Lex

This was so wrong.

But he understood.

Nava was the same as James.

Death was all that awaited them.

And they both needed the comfort.

10. Romance 4 Aiden and 7 Duck

“My brother, do you love him?”

“I do.”

“May I see it?” James questioned.

Duck held out her hand, ring shining.

“It’s lovely.”

11. Death fic, 2 Beth 11 Mia

“Oh, excuse me,” Mia said as she bumped into the smaller woman.

Beth gasped, eyes wide and vacant.

“Don’t walk alone,” she begged.

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We're high above the ground, we're no where to be found

For some reason, I started thinking about when I was a little kid and I started thinking about my first crush. How innocent and pure childhood is. His name was Danny and I was just as head over heels for him as a 4 year old (I think...) can be. I don't know how old he was, (probably 13-16ish) but I know I couldn't get enough of his attention. Every time he would come over to our house to visit while out parents talked, we would play Monopoly Jr. I'm pretty sure he let my sister and me win, but I didn't really care about the game anyway.

Well, one day Danny brought my sister and me some of those old school troll dolls with the crazy hair and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Probably weirded him out but I still look back on that memory fondly because he was the first guy I wanted to impress. Danny was the first guy I ever had a crush on and just being able to hang on to that simple, innocent, pure memory is a blessing to me and gives me comfort.

Ah, childhood.
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We are now accepting callers for these pendant key-chains

I'm feeling pretty stressed out. I am about to end my job, move, sign up for classes, get my transcripts transferred, find a new job, etc etc... oi, I'm not exactly thrilled about all this nonsense but what can I do? These are things that have to be done for me to move on in life and I don't know... become a productive adult and member of society.

I just finished watching a delightful movie. I really want to show it to my friends, it should get a laugh or two.

on a darker note...

I sort of want to curl up and sleep forever and ever. I don't handle pressure well. Nor do I handle feeling like a douche well and that's what I feel like right now. I big, douchy, pressured, failure.

The douche-y-ness is because some guy at work hits on me and puts Larry down at every single chance he gets. In front of me, in front of larry, and in front of all our other co-workers. I have never done anything to suggest to him that I was interested in him. Everyone knows I am in a committed relationship with Larry and that we live togeather. I have no idea what to do about this guy, but I'm glad I'm about to leave town.

Yes, running away from my problems is my solution for everything.
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Every room of this place is lost and found

So I was considering telling my manager that I had to leave but I didn't want to ruin his vacation with his girlfriend in california so I'll put in my two weeks after he's already left. Maybe a few days before he gets back. However, maybe I should stress him out since that douche will be on a cruise on valentines day while I will be stuck making stupid heart shaped pizzas...

Nothing says love like a nice pizza right?

If Larry brought me one of those home, I would knock him out and demand that he take me to chop house. ~_^

Anyway, I need to get of my lazy ass and work on my stories. Oh the family lazyness when it comes to writing....
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It don't take a word, not a single word, go on and kiss the girl

OI how I hate the god damned bitch ass muther fucking cum guzzling skjgfljkhwgdfjlqwing SUPER BOWL. Let me just say this....

all you douches too lazy to go out and get food or make it yourself, the LEAST you can do is tip your mother effing drivers.

As you may be able to tell, we got SLAMMED on sunday. ABSOLUTLY slammed. I wanted to kill each and every thick necked bastard that ordered a pizza. But more than that, I wanted to KILL the people working at the call center. I'm not even a driver and I was pulling out my hair about the delivery times and the lack of competance. Please, call us and tell us if a delivery has been cancelled. it's not like we can read your damn mind and it SUCKS when drivers go to the doors of people who cancelled. FUCK YOU CASANOS CALL CENTER FUCK YOU RIGHT UP THE BUM!!!!!

Not to mention the fact that I had to work with the DUMBEST person i've ever met in my LIFE which is saying something since I have net some pretty dumb people. Seriously, I do not want to hear about how you are dribbling blood down your leg because your tampon keeps falling out. I didn't even know it was possible to have a Vag so big that that would happen. And HONESTLY i did not want to hear about how you take it in the ass.... again. I PROMISE I DIDN"T WANT TO HEAR THAT.

Anyone who's been reading thus far, I had to listen to that for 3 hours on sunday.... Kill me.

The plus side? Rob is a huge dork but feels like he has to hide it from the other guys who work with us. We started jamming out to HANSON fuck yes bitches. We ended up blasting it through the store and we were both singing. Mostly just for fun but I would be lying if I said we didn't have the music up sp loud to help down out Heather's retardation.

As you may be able to tell, i am PMSing like hell.

Also, shout out to my sissy. Sorry about your car dude. is it all better now? mine isn't....
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