O amor engana (khavi) wrote,
O amor engana

I don't know if anyone is interested but if you are....

I don't know if anyone on here is interested in joining an original RPG, but if you are, please follow the LJ cut. We only need a few more people! Game starts on the 18th

title or description

It's been 200 years since the demonic uprising. 200 years since the slaughter of over 5 billion men, women, and children. Now, in 2009, the once crippling population has dwindled to a staggering 200 thousand survivors. Demons, Vampires, and other monsters once thought to be myth have over-run the cities. These creatures of nightmares are now the government. They are now your neighbors. Those brave souls who fought were crushed beneath the heel of those more powerful than themselves. Those who submitted, lived. But there is hope...

The wild magic that was set loose during the war has started effecting the humans... They are developing powers of their own... and war is brewing, yet again.

Welcome to the year 2009. Welcome to the end.


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