Drinking your way through the holidays!

So apparently everyone ho works at Cassanos is schedualed to work on new years eve and new years day. Kevin thinks he'll be able to send people home earlier and that we won't be to slammed. I think people will be to drunk, lazy, and hungover to make their own food and will demand pizza be brought to them so we will get fucked the fuck over. And I also think they will not tip our drivers. Even a little.

This is my last day off before 5 more hellish days of pizza, pizza, anchovies, and more pizza. Nope. No fun new years for Ashley. She has to work and suffer and not get drunk with her friends while everyone else gets to booze it up. =(

In any case, GOT A NEW FRIDGE. You know, one that does what these new fangled things are suppossed to do. It... keeps things cold! I am beyond amazed.
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Bring me Java, bring me joy

I have officially been awake for over 42 hours. I need a fucking nap. Work for five days in a row and staying up all night writing papers is never a good thing and I do not recomend it. For anyone. Ever.
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This kitty is a warrior you know what I mean

So I've been cleaning the house for the past half hour of so and so far I have 5 trash bags full of crap and shit-ton more to go. Disgusting. Wish I had help but larry's at work and I don't feel good about asking the guys to help me clean this crap up.
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God is a girl, wherever you are. Do you believe it, can you recieve it?

I had one of the worst days ever yesterday.

It started off at 6:15 am when I went to work. I was scheduled to work from 7 till 4 which is a 9 hour shift because we are so short staffed. Well, for a while there wre 5 of us and itwas fine. Then Santi left, then Jerell, then Austin so it wa only me and Tim. But Tim had a dentist appointment at 3:45 so he askef me to cover for him so when Larry came in he woudn't be by himself. Well, that was fine because I like money and we weren't that busy.

But 3 came around and Larry never showed up. So of course I am freaking out because he got out of school over an hour ago and he was supposed to show up and take his check to the bank. So I call his dad to see if he's seen the boy.

He hasn't. Neither has Austin or Tyler. Well, 3:30 rolls around and Tim really needs to get going so we actually have to close Bagel beause no one but me was going to be in the store. So we make a sign and he calls Jeremy who, thankfully, decides to come in on his only day off this week, and cover for Larry while I cover for Tim.

Jeremy is so blown when he comes in that it is just hilarious but I am too worried about Larrry to notice. Tim comes back around 4:30 5ish and STILL NO LARRY.

Well, of course by this time I am convinced Larry is dead and am in tears so Austin decided to go check the apartment. After he leaves, Ilan comes in and is a complete DUCHEBAG about me being to upset. And I am staring out the front of Bagel and every car loos like min but then... I see him.

So I get up and RUN through the store out the back and run to the car as Larry is pulling around the side and just start BAWLING when I see him. Thank god he was okay. He just went back to the apartment and fell asleep, (like Tim said he probably did) and he was ok.

So after a 10 and a half shift at Bagel without a break at all, I finally clock off and go to the bank to deposit my check.

Well, because it is so late I had to use the drive through which I suck at and some guy behind me starts yelling at me so I turn around and start cursing him out for being such a fucking prick.

So after that entire ordeal, Larry is ounting the drawers and we end up 120$ short. And to add icing to the cake, my car is acting fucked the hell up. It is making a horrible noise and my Check battery, break, and ALL THE DOOR lights are on. I have no idea what is wrong with it but I can tell already that I am going to have to use even more of my college money to fix it because lets face it, one paycheck from bagel is just not going to get the job done.

kate, I am so sorry I didn't get to talk to you yesterday. =(
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I'm afraid of Americans, I'm afraid of the world. I'm afarid I can't help it.

My first day off in 6 days I spend the entire time having nightmares. Not fair at all.

Yesterday was fun thought because I worked 9-c but we closed at 3 so larry, tim, Jeremy and I all went to grant nature and got buzzed on the wall that used to be a bridge over the water, then Larry and I came home, did some Salvia 20x with Tony, played guitar hero, gor drunk, had amazing drunk sex and fell alseep. It was a good day yesterday but my night was full of the WORST dreams I've ever had. Not because of the substance use but because I am so fucking paranoid it is actually painful to be me.

I don't know when I'll get a paycheck. Sam hasn't had me fill out my tax forms yet. I need to go bother him about it so I can get my lovey, delicious, money.

Larry and I are diet buddies starting today. Oh the agony of loving to eat but trying to loose wieght. =(

I am so very lonely. I hate when people start going back to school. I wish it was still like highschool where I could still see everyone whenever I wanted. I am so very lonely.
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